Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Story of The Surgeons Cuff

Recently, a friend who is engaged to be married and is having a suit made for the occasion, invited me to go suit shopping. I was so excited by this opportunity since it's not often that I get to see such a process unfold from start to finish. We went to a wonderful tailor's on Rideau St. called Raymond Tailor. Not only does this tailor make amazing suits, but he is someone who knows his craft inside and out.

He was able to tell us great stories about how different aspects of the suit, as we know it today, have come about. My favorite of these stories was the surgeons cuff. This is when the cuff is made so that the buttons may actually be undone (unlike most off the rack suits).

The surgeons cuff was born during World War 1. Surgeons out in the field were getting blood on their jacket sleeves because they could not push them up high enough. A nurse began sewing real button holes in their jackets so that they could roll their sleeves up properly.

I personally think they look great. I love how the stitching tails out from the button, but what I love even more is knowing the history behind them.

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